The selecting of our bloodstock is based on power, force, cadence, rythm, extension, caracter and morphology !

Del TESSUOR stud is situated in the TARN at 35 kms from Montauban, 40 kms from Albi et 45 kms from Toulouse.




NEW 2013
"Private Resort Monte for inseminations and harvesting standards" on YEGUADA LED TESSUOR.

We offer our facilities and qualified staff from 2013 to accommodate your mares for Artificial Insemination and also to raise your standards.


Sales IA onsite our stallions Pure Bred Spanish, including:

GALAN XCII the first and currently the only French territory: reproductive titled "calificado and RECOMANDADO" "improver of the race."

XALOC VI  -titled the European Championship in 2009 and the first Championship of France 2012 model, looks and functionality mounted on 5 and 6 years.

DIAMANTINO II - titled third in championship of France 2012 model, looks and functionality mounted 7 years and older.

TEMPORAL DEL TESSUOR -titled best move of his section Championship of France 2009.


  In 2000, I bought an 8 month old Purebred Spanish foal called Cordobes, in a small Spanish village.
In 2007 Cordobes participated in his first show and was "Champion of France in hand showing for Purebred Spanish Horses". Cordobes won his place at the SICAB (Championnat International des PRE) in Spain in october 2007. Cordobes was Sire to magnificent colts and fillies, one of whom was TEMPORAL DEL TESSUOR "1st prize in motion for 2 year olds at the French Championship Show 2009", the others were sold abroad!

Our goal is to continue a selection of quality (breeding, morphologie, and caracter) adding originality by the rare colour of the horses, Golden Buckskin (Dun), Amber Buckskin (Dun), Perlino, Chestnut, Black and Cherry Bay. Since 2007 we have produced and bought broodmares worthy of Cordobes to produce Purebred Spanish Horses that we have all dreamed of....    We invite you by appointment to visit our stud to see all our equine family.
  Xaloc was already there for a year and a half, best friend Cordobes, side by side, box to box, paddock to paddock ...
In 2010 Xaloc was titrated at the European Championship in Valencia, so in tribute to Cordobes the torch is passed and the story follows his heart ...

In 2011 Xaloc take over, the Buckin ... I share my life and he began his life of breeding and show horse.
A story to follow, not to mention the offspring of Cordobes as Temporal del Tessuor and Amorio del Tessuor: all 2 titrated to Championnat de France "best appearance of their section."

To complement my farm, I brought a touch of the exotic with my mares with very uncommon dresses for the Spanish race, to give birth to the "golden dun, chestnut, black ... palomino ... perlino ... cream "pure Spanish race.

>Tribute to Cordobes
>Ancestors of our horses
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