Ethology and the way I work
Working with the horse. Ethology. We can talk of horse whispering, but it is much more than that. Take a good look at your horse, listen to him and understand him.






Trick riding free, without saddle, bridle or lunging rein !!! 

Work of the horse

"from breaking in to the preparation for shows"


Handling and breaking in horses and foals

The way I work helps me to eliminate naturally the problems. My methods can be used by all levels of riders with all levels of horses.


Ground work

To gain the confidence of the horse under all circmstances

Le Pas Espagnol

Le piaffé


Free work

After the basics done on the lung, we then get the horse to follow freely his master, using body language the horse soon joins in with the fun.


"Albino" free work       Bowing
Change of rein       Flying change at a canter
Lie down        


"High school mouvements"

Spanish walk backwards


The Piaffé


Working without saddle and bridle



High School Dressage

Cordobes B piaffé

Cordobes B passage


Trick work (sit, lie .....). 

Nadador XXVIII Display work (stallion PRE) Sold to Mario Luraschi